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Brisbane Wildlife

Some Brisbane wildlife you can spot.
Lots of people love to watch the brush-tail and ring-tail possums running along the electricity lines or in neighbourhood trees. Hearing them in your roof in the middle of the night is not quite so amusing. But it is illegal to catch and move possums more than 100 metres from where they were caught. They are very territorial and are likely to die if placed in another possum’s territory.

Fruit bats
These mammals could be the ones eating your ripe pawpaws and mangoes. They seem to always just take a juicy bite and leave the rest on the tree. It is illegal to kill or harm these critters.

They aren’t native animals but it seems they are well liked. With a loud clicking noise, they announce their presence. And they can be helpful by eating mosquitoes and moths around your home. Watch their speedy antics around any external lights of an evening.

Brush or bush turkeys
These large birds are reasonably common in South East Queensland, particularly leafy suburbs. They can become pests when they try to build a large mound nest in your garden but they are protected animals and cannot be killed or removed. The Council website has more information. Or have a look at readers' comments and suggestions on our article on scrub turkeys.

Living in Brisbane, it is not unusual to be woken by the mad call of kookaburras or the beautiful warblings of black and white butcher birds. Brightly coloured rainbow lorikeets are everywhere and of course, watch out for magpies during their nesting season of September and October.

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