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Sandgate is the ultimate bay side suburb, located about 25 minutes north of Brisbane CBD. With views of the sea far and wide, walkways and parks lined the streets; Sandgate is a lovely day out when Brisbane’s sun is shining. The extensive views across Moreton Bay to Woody Point to the north and to the south, you can even see the cruise ships coming into the Brisbane Port. And directly in front, to the east are the famous Moreton Bay Islands.

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Sandgate Pool
This lovely little outdoor pool complex is located on the foreshore and surrounded by lush lawns and shady trees. The swimming pool is 50 metres long but a highlight here are the wading pools, there is small waterslide and lots of playful things to do in the water. There is also a heated indoor pool as well for the colder months.


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Sandgate Bike Paths This impressive bike path and walkway goes for miles, all along the foreshore. It is very family friendly and safe, you pass many parks, picnic areas and playgrounds to stop and enjoy along the way. However, if you are keen to get some really good exercise this path continues along the Ted Smout Bridge that takes you through to Woody Point and Redcliffe, all up a good 20km ride, walk or jog.


Sandgate Pier
This lovely old pier is a treat to walk along to view all areas of the bay and to see if the Fisherman are having any luck.



Fresh Seafood
It is worth a visit to Sandgate and Shorncliffe just to get some fresh seafood straight off the trawlers.

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Little tents near the Sandgate harbour have blackboards on display with great deals on all manner of seafood from prawns to the famous Moreton Bay Bugs.




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