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Brisbane is a fantastic city to go for a run in for several reasons. It has a wonderful climate which means that most days are sunny and warm, even if you get caught in a huge downpour it only serves to cool you off rather than make you freeze to death like the Southern states. Brisbane is known as the River City, and we all know runners love to run near water.

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The iconic South Bank in Brisbane is specially designed for runners and cyclists, with well marked out lanes distinguishing one from the other. Woe betide the runner that accidentally crosses over to the cycle track side, as you will be told via lots of bell ringing to move over.

South Bank goes on for miles and miles, so a good, long run is always assured. If you tire of that side just cross over on one of the many bridges, an ideal one being The Goodwill Bridge which is for pedestrians and cyclists only and connects you with the Botanical gardens. These lovely shaded gardens have plenty of their own running paths, and once back on the North Bank you can run for miles along this side of the river, which is closer to the CBD.

South and North bank are great for very flat, civilised, safe running. However, if it's hills and cross country you like Mount Cootha (15mins from the city centre) is a great challenge and has plenty of paths to run, jog or walk on. If you start from the Botanical gardens at Mount Cootha , there is a good 7 km challenge and thank goodness cafes to refresh at afterwards.

If you need more hills closer to the city, Paddington can easily provide these and has a lovely old fashioned air about it.

New Farm is also a great suburb to run around you can combine the Story Bridge, by running over or under it, North Bank and run around New Farm Park and take in the Powerhouse area as well.

Brisbane boasts 520km of cycle tracks, and of course all are available to run on, the Brisbane council has done a great job of upgrading and mapping them and encourage locals and tourists to use them.

Brisbane offers some popular running events as well, with most of them held in the cooler, winter months. The Bridge to Brisbane is a 10km race in August, which attracts huge crowds. The Brisbane marathon is run on paths along North and South Bank and the Botanical gardens in August, there is also a half marathon and 10km offered on the same day. The Queensland Half Marathon at the Doomben race course is in June.

Lazy Runner has running groups across south east Queensland, and there is a group in New Farm and South Bank in Brisbane. They meet a couple of times a week and enjoy running in Brisbane 's great outdoor locations. To find out more about Lazy Runner, click on

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Do have a look at Lazy Runner the best running group in Brisbane and designed for all levels from beginner to expert. Casual members are most welcome so if you are just visiting Brisbane do just turn up.

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