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Mount Glorius

The curvaceous road is a favourite with motorcyclists who weave their way up and down the mountain each weekend. You’ll find them and their machines congregated on the mountain top at the Maiala Rainforest Teahouse and Restaurant.

There are two ways to reach Mount Glorious. There’s the drive via The Gap in Brisbane, through the edge of D'Aguilar National Park and then through the small township of Mount Nebo. An alternative route is to come from Samford but it is a very steep and curving road, not suitable for trailers or caravans.

You could take time to stop and stretch your legs at the picnic areas and bushwalks along the hour long drive. You can explore D'Aguilar National Park (with Walkabout Creek Café and information centre) Bellbird Grove and, about half way up, Jolly’s Lookout. From here on clear days, you’ll see across the D’Aguilar Range to the Glass House Mountains, over Samford Valley to Moreton Bay. There are other walking spots and lookouts that are well-signed.

At the top of Mount Glorious you’ll be 680 metres above sea level. At this altitude, the air is a little bit cooler, the breezes a little more refreshing and nights wonderfully crisp. Many years ago, this was logging country. Today visitors prefer to admire the magnificent trees.

A bushwalk is the perfect way to spend some of the day, lost (well, hopefully not literally) amongst the figs, palms and ferns of the rainforest. You can walk to Greene’s Falls, a 4.3 kilometre return walk and added on, the trail to the Cyprus Grove. Children should be able to handle the 2 kilometre rainforest circuit. This was Queensland’s first self-guided walking track. The neighbouring picnic area has wood barbeques and is popular with groups and families.

You can also have lunch or coffee and cake at the Elm House Café or the Mount Glorious Restaurant.

On the drive back to the city, glimpse the magnificent homes perched on the edge with endless views or closeted in rainforest privacy. You’ll be talking about whether it could be a reality, living on the mountain, seeking a tree change, away from the city at Mount Glorious

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