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Gallery of Modern Art

Every time I visit Brisbane a new cultural venue sprouts up, it’s as if the city is trying to shake off its country town image. This is a pity because it is the country attitude of the people that I find most endearing about the place.


My latest visit to the sunshine state included an inspection of the new Gallery of Modern Art, or GoMA Brisbane, which had only opened a few months earlier. Unfortunately I was too early to see its first major international exhibition, a look at the works of Andy Warhol. The gallery secured 300 pieces for display which would be an achievement for even the most cultured cites.


I must admit I wasn’t totally keen on the outing, mention modern art and you are likely to get a grown out of me. Mention that this art gallery cost was rumored to cost $291 million dollars and you could hear that grown in New York and London.


To be fair along with the 12 gallery spaces was two cinema galleries, a shop, two cafes and a bar. What room was there for the art? As it turned out there was plenty. In fact what was on offer was impressive. The gallery focuses on Australian and Asian artists and shows a good variety of works. I was still interested when I passed through the last room.

Penned by TroyKippen

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