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Brisbane Trains

The rail network in Brisbane consists of several suburban lines that expand throughout the city. A rail service is offered throughout the north, southwest and eastern portions of the city. Both long distance trains and commuter trains are available from the city. The Citytrain operation offers passengers service that travel back and forth from the inner city to the area’s suburbs.

brisbane trains

Over the last decade suburban passenger services have doubled and the number continues to grow. Passengers appreciate the low cost of travel that gets them where they need to go. Due to the growing number of passengers the city has proposed the construction of three railways in the near future. The growth would require underground and inner city stations be constructed to accommodate the growing number of passengers. Locals and tourists alike utilize the intercity railways for quick transfers and convenient travel to nearby destinations.

Aside from passenger services in Brisbane, freight services can often be seen travelling through the city. There are five freight terminals scattered throughout the area and include South Brisbane, Park Road and Salisbury to name a few.

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