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The bus system is a major form of transportation in Brisbane and has established a reputable means of providing service to areas outside of the metropolitan area. The Central Business District or CBD is the central hub for most public transportation including bus lines. The main bus station for Brisbane is known as Queen Street.

queen street bus station

There are a variety of buses available to residents and tourists of Brisbane. Some do not observe the minor stops while others, such as the Rocket buses eliminate even the intermediate stops from their route. The City Glider is a fast no cash bus route from West End to Teneriffe and requires a Go Card to use.

A Go Card is available in newsagents and a pre paid card that you swipe as you enter and leave the bus and the easy to travel around. The Go Card works on the ferries and trains.

Most tourists find the bus system confusing unless they have been acclimated to the system. Tourists are often seen riding the CitySights bus which is a hop off and on bus service that travels throughout the major Brisbane attractions and landmarks that Brisbane has to offer.

brisbane bus

Brisbane City loop
The Brisbane City loop service is free and runs every 10 minutes on weekdays between 7am and 6pm. Look for the red bus stops and simply hop on.
Spring Hill loop
The free Spring Hill loop bus runs between 8.10am and 6.05pm and stops at distinctive yellow bus stops and runs every 10 minutes with 12 stops in the CBD and Spring Hill area.

Night time buses

CityGlider buses run 24 hours a day over the weekends between West End, the CBD and Teneriffe. Plus there are late night public transport services to other suburbs on Friday and Saturday nights.


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