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Brisbane Bridges

Albert Bridge (1895)
Brisbane's oldest bridge is the Albert Bridge, a railway bridge linking Indooroopilly and Chelmer. It opened in 1895 as a replacement for the bridge of the same name destroyed in the 1893 flood. (Railway bridge)


William Jolly Bridge (1932)
Our second oldest bridge is the William Jolly Bridge which opened on 30th March 1932. Originally known as the Grey Street Bridge it was renamed in 1955 in posthumous honour of Brisbane's first Lord Mayor, William Alfred Jolly (1881-1955). (Vehicular and pedestrian bridge)

Walter Taylor Bridge (1936)
Our next bridge was the Walter Taylor Bridge at Indooroopilly which opened on 14 February 1936. It was a toll bridge until the 1960s with the toll operator living in accommodation on the bridge itself. Watch a movie showing the life of a toll keeper in the 1950s. (Vehicular and pedestrian bridge)

Story Bridge (1940)
Brisbane's best known bridge and famous landmark, the Story Bridge, followed in 1940. Connecting Fortitude Valley to Kangaroo Point, the Story Bridge was designed by Dr John Bradfield who also designed the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The Story Bridge was named after John Douglas Story a public servant and university vice-chancellor. (Vehicular and pedestrian bridge)

Story Bridge

Indooroopilly Railway Bridge (1957)
Brisbane's next bridge to open was the Indooroopilly Railway Bridge in 1957. It runs parallel to the Albert Bridge and the Walter Taylor Bridge. (Vehicular and pedestrian bridge)

The Centenary Bridge (1964)
Opened in about 1964, this bridge links the western suburbs, Fig Tree Pocket and Jindalee. The bridge suffered severe damage during the 1974 floods. (Vehicular and pedestrian bridge)

Victoria Bridge (1970)
The current Victoria Bridge opened in 1970 replacing the bridge of the same name which opened in 1897. Before 1897 there had been two bridges at the same spot. The first stood for two years before it collapsed in 1867 and its replacement was partially destroyed in the 1893 floods. The Victoria Bridge connects South Bank with the inner city at North Quay. (Vehicular and pedestrian bridge)

Captain Cook Bridge (1972)
The Captain Cook Bridge opened in 1972 and is actually two bridges which link the Pacific Motorway to the Riverside Expressway. (Vehicular bridge)

Merivale Bridge (1978)
The railway bridge in the city opened in 1978 and links South Brisbane and Roma Street stations. (Railway bridge)

Jack Pesch Bridge (1998)
Named after cyclist Jack Pesch, this bridge opened in 1998 and links Chelmer and Indooroopilly. (Pedestrian and cyclist bridge)

Sir Leo Hielscher Bridges (formerly Gateway Bridges) (1986 and 2010)
The Gateway Bridge opened in 1986 linking the eastern and southern suburbs of Brisbane to the northern suburbs via the Gateway Motorway (linking Murrarie and Eagle Farm) and therefore bypassing the city.

A second "Gateway Bridge", 50 metres downstream of the present Gateway Bridge, opened to traffic progressively from 24 May 2010. It has a dedicated bikepath and pedestrian access. 170 000 people walked across it when it opened to the community on 16 May.
In late May, the original bridge closed for refurbishment with the infrastructure project due for completion by 2011. The bridges have been renamed Sir Leo Hielscher Bridges. (Vehicular toll bridge, with pedestrian and bikeway access)

Goodwill Bridge (2001)
The Goodwill Bridge opened in 2001 and links South Bank with the city at the Gardens Point Campus of the Queensland University of Technology. (Pedestrian and cyclist bridge)

Eleanor Schonell Bridge (2006)
The Eleanor Schonell Bridge, also known as the Green Bridge opened in December 2006 and links Dutton Park with the University of Queensland at St Lucia. (Bus, pedestrian and cyclist bridge)

Kurilpa Bridge (2009)
Kurilpa Bridge links Brisbane's CBD and South Brisbane and completes the bicycle loop via the Goodwill Bridge from South Bank to the city. The official opening took place in October 2009. (Pedestrian and cyclist bridge)

Go Between Bridge (2010)
Named after Brisbane 1980s band, The Go-Betweens, our newest bridge connects South Brisbane to West End and opened to traffic on 5 July 2010. Read more about the Go Between Bridge. (Vehicular toll bridge with pedestrian and bikeway access)

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