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Brisbane eGuide is published by eGuide the leading digital travel publishing group that aims to produce the world's best destination travel information. And that includes being the most comprehensive Brisbane travel guide. Being based in Brisbane means we can be sure of that and working very hard to make it happen.

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We ensure that we have all the latest Brisbane attractions, buildings, parks, restaurants, cycle ways and so much more on Brisbane eGuide with our team always out inspecting.

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Brisbane is very much back to normal after the floods in early 2011 and all those dramatic images now part of our history. Do look at the Brisbane images that have been taken in 2011 to show the world how Brisbane is a new world city.

Please do help us with any updates and errors by contacting the editorial team directly. We very much need recommendations for Brisbane restaurants and will make visits to check them out so if you know a great Brisbane restaurant do tell us or if you own or manage one then do make contact and will be pleased to visit.

We can be contacted via Facebook or Twitter and will be pleased to answer any questions you might have about Brisbane.

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Our Brisbane editor David Hearle relaxing at Nudgee Beach after testing out the cycle path. Before a night on the town to search out "in secret" the best Brisbane restaurants and bars.

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