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Story Bridge

The Story Bridge is a steel cantilever bridge that crosses over the Brisbane River and allows motor vehicles and pedestrians to travel across. The bridge is 777 metres in total length, 24 metres wide and 74 metres high. The bridge operates three traffic lanes in each direction and offers a walking and cycle way that stretches along each side.

storey bridge

The roadway that travels across the bridge is called the Bradfield Highway and is the shortest Australian highway. A toll was charged up until 1947 to cross the bridge but once removed has never been restored. It is currently free to travel across the bridge.

The bridge design is unique and was adapted from the Jacques Cartier Bridge in Montreal. The cantilever design makes it not only a great roadway to travel upon but provides photography opportunities to capture a highly unique construction.

story bridge

Aside from vehicle travel, the bridge operates as a recreational hotspot for walks and hikes. Limited self-guided walks are available to the top of the bridge and locals are often seen during nice weather trekking to the top. The Story Bridge Adventure Climb is a major attraction among locals and tourists each year. The climb has been in commencement since 2005.

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