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St John's Cathedral

St. John’s Cathedral is located in Brisbane, Queensland and was constructed in dedication to the Apostle John. The Anglican style cathedral lies along the outskirts of Brisbane’s city centre and is one of the oldest Anglican churches in the city. Large diocesan gatherings are often held at the cathedral including priest and deacon ordinations which often draw large crowds to the congregation.

st john's cathedral

The cathedral is a well known landmark in the Brisbane area and serves the community as a place to worship, learn, seek and participate. Weddings, worship ceremonies and baptisms are ongoing at the cathedral. The Gothic architecture and stained glass provide a sought after location for weddings and ceremonies. Wedding packages can be obtained from the cathedral’s business office and options include musical soloists of all kinds of instruments and bell ringing to celebrate the special date.

Various musical events and ceremonies take place at the cathedral throughout the year. Ordination of Deacons ceremonies take place periodically and special events such as the Chamber Philharmonia of Cologne often plays. The children’s cathedral choirs are often seen participating in ceremonies at the cathedral.

The acoustics of the six division pipe organ is heard throughout the cathedral. The sound cannot be matched but provides a dynamic sound that signifies tradition and elegance.


St. John’s Cathedral; 373 Ann Street; Brisbane

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