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Roma Street Parklands

The subtropical green space in the heart of Brisbane is known as the Roma Street Parkland. The area is full of rich and lush gardens, modern artwork and design, vistas and fern groves that provide a peaceful area to picnic, relax or stroll.

roma street gardens

The area is child friendly and offers playgrounds equipped with outdoor toys and swings. The onsite Liberty Swing allows disabled children to partake in the same activities as others. Slides, climbing walls, gongs, musical toys and games are provided for children to explore and enjoy. Picnic tables and barbecue spots are located nearby so that families may enjoy the parkland together.

Guided tours throughout the park are offered two times per day and tour guides provide information about the area to participants. The tour travels through the fern groves, rock gardens, and rich meadows full of colour and design.

roma parklands

Self guided tours are also available. A fifteen minute train ride is available for those who want to take a break from walking.

The parkland is open seven days a week from dawn to dusk and admission is free of charge.

Dining options are available in the park at the licensed café known as the Water Wall.

roma street gardens cafe

Roma Street Parklands, 1 Parkland Boulevard, Brisbane

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