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Queensland Museum

The Queensland Museum is a state run museum for the area of Queensland that operates out of four campuses. South Brisbane, Townsville, Toowoomba and Ipswich are all in operation. The museum was founded in 1862 by the Queensland Philosophical Society and today exhibits and displays that connect the people with Queensland’s past.

The Queensland Museum

Queensland’s museum along South Bank in Brisbane is the oldest campus and is situated in the center of the area’s cultural district. The museum is part of the Queensland Museum network and provides a connection of the people of Queensland to the rich history of the area.

Among the most popular exhibits found at the museum include the Dandiiri Maiwar and the Energex Playasaurus Place. Recent flood damage has occurred at the museum and refurbishment and renovations are underway. The museum has created a display for the public to understand flooding and provides advice and information on how to salvage items affected by the flood.

The museum is popular among schools and tour groups. Bookings may be made in advance to ensure that ample staff is available to lead the attending group. Self guided tours are always available. The museum offers a loan program where schools and organizations may borrow artifacts for a short duration of time and house them at their own facility.


Sciencentre is part of Queensland Museum with three themed Galleries: Body Zone, Earth space and Action Stations and interactive, hands-on exhibits.


Stanley Street, South Brisbane

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