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Museum of Brisbane

The Museum of Brisbane features local and international exhibitions that reflect today’s culture, heritage and community. The museum is open to the public seven days a week and all displays and showings are offered free of charge.

museum of brisbane

Exhibits and showcases are designed to connect the public to Brisbane’s cultural social history through visual arts. The museum has undergone recent revitalization and now offers a unique museum store full of arts and crafts from local artists. Jewellery, cards, paintings and souvenirs are all offered at the store. The store is open daily with operational hours that coincide with the museum’s regular hours.

Public art displays and interactive exhibits allow visitors to grasp the culture of Brisbane while molding their own beliefs. Performance art shows often take place throughout the year. Private showings are available and should be schedule in advance through the museum’s office.

Recent exhibitions include shows on skateboarding in Brisbane, public art installation platforms and the historical timeline of telegraphing to texting. A wide range of exhibits are offered to attract an even wider audience.


Museum of Brisbane, 157 Ann Street, Brisbane

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