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Milton & Rosalie is a suburb of Brisbane located just north of the Brisbane River and to the west of the Suncorp Stadium. The smell of hops beer is what draws crowds into Milton which is home of the renowned XXXX Brewery. Milton is home to the brewery and stadium while Rosalie offers a number of superb restaurants and shopping boutiques.

Milton Road is the main arterial road that connects the suburb to many of the city’s western locations and suburbs.

Off the connective roadway lies Milton Park, a beautiful green space that is popular for playing ball, running dogs, and watching the kids play about. Beer and outdoor adventures abound in the Milton & Rosalie suburb.

The housing in Milton is traditional with timber and tin construction. Some of the more modern homes are made of brick while some units are made of block.


The stadium is a key element of the village. When sporting events are not taking place at the venue, concerts and live entertainment often fill the air. Major concerts at Suncorp Stadium include that of music entertainer Robbie Williams. Other artists like Andre Rieu have also been heard at the facility. The stadium is as iconic as the beer in Milton.

Park Road is a strip of restaurants and boutique shops with it's own model Eiffel Tower.

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