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Brisbane Festival and Riverfire

In September every year, there is a fireworks spectacular set around the Story Bridge and the Brisbane River. The Riverfire show is part of the Brisbane Festival.

The Riverfire fireworks is a very long and very loud choreographed fireworks show.

brisbane riverfire

The best places to watch Riverfire are South Bank, Captain Burke Park, Wilson's Lookout, Victoria Bridge, City Riverwalk and Kangaroo Point Cliffs. Some parts of the Brisbane River are set aside for those in boats to watch Riverfire.

Brisbane's Riverfestival started in 1996. Riverfire was added in 1998. Credit for the festival goes to the 1988 World Expo which saw areas of the river and its surrounds revitalized.

Large crowds attend the Riverfire fireworks show, sitting on the banks of the river and also among the buildings of Brisbane. Estimates of the crowds are in the 500,000 to 600,000 range. The best spots to watch the show go early, so many turn up early in the afternoon to get the prime locations. To transport the crowd, Brisbane provide extra public transport for the Riverfire event.

Brisbane's Riverfestival

As the bridges across the river are used in the displays, the Story Bridge, the Goodwill Bridge and the Victoria Bridge are often closed for parts of the day during Riverfire.

The Brisbane Festival is also a showcase for Australian and international artists and performers. Before being connected with the Riverfestival, the Brisbane Festival was held every two years.

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